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        Taizhou Huapu Industrial and Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd. is an exhibition service company with nearly 20 years of market operation experience. It is an advanced enterprise in Taizhou's modern service industry, specializing in organizing and undertaking various types of exhibitions and conferences at home and abroad, conference services, project planning, Brand management, exhibition platform design and construction, and other businesses. With rich market experience and pragmatic entrepreneurial spirit, we have now become a first-class exhibition service company in Taizhou and received praise from all sectors of society.
        Since its establishment, the company has successfully held various large-scale exhibitions and conferences, including machine tool molds, pump valves, plumbing, automobiles, real estate, building materials, home furnishings, water pumps, air compressors, agricultural machinery, etc. It has gradually formed multi-level and efficient market channels, established a comprehensive customer database, and accumulated rich experience. It is a reliable partner for governments, enterprises, industry associations, and social groups.
        Facing the future, "Huapu people" are proactive, pragmatic and innovative, willing to wholeheartedly provide customers with high standards of service, and are committed to exploring the Xintiandi of exhibition industry.
Taizhou Machine Tool Exhibition

Taizhou, one of the most dynamic cities in the Yangtze River Delta, is an important manufacturing base and private economic innovation demonstration zone in China. It has a complete range of industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, automotive parts, shipbuilding industry, water pump valves, pharmaceutical machinery, mold plastics, household appliances, clothing machinery, cutting tools, machine bed manufacturing, hardware and electromechanical, and has cluster advantages.

With the strong support of the Taizhou Municipal People's Government, TME Taizhou Machine Tool Exhibition has been successfully held for 18 consecutive years, with a scale of exhibition. Exhibition indicators such as grade, industry influence, trade volume, quality and quantity of professional visitors have consistently reached new highs and received unanimous praise from all sectors of society. At present, TME has become a bridge and link for enterprises to explore the market in southeastern Zhejiang, and a professional event with industry representativeness and brand effect in the region.
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Lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, boring machines, grinding machines, gear processing machines, threading machines, planers, slotting machines, broaching machines, sawing machines and other
Forging presses, stamping forming presses, die forging presses, punching machines, punching machines, slotting machines, bending, folding, straightening machines, etc.
Forming EDM and wire-cut EDM, laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine and laser three-dimensional forming machine, etc.
Robotics equipment including material handling robots, palletizing robots, welding robots, painting robots, and automation devices, etc.
Measurement equipment, quality inspection and analysis instruments, material testing, packaging testing equipment, etc.
CNC systems, functional components, cutting tools, machine tool accessories, servo motor jaws, supporting products, etc.
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Operational advantages
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Customer reputation, 90.3% satisfied with the exhibition effect
Carefully orchestrated
We have been deeply involved in exhibitions for over 20 years and are trustworthy.
Carefully orchestrated
We have been deeply involved in exhibitions for over 20 years and are trustworthy.
Chain Industry Exhibition
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